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Increase sales, grow your business & awareness
More than 2 billion users sign in to YouTube every month

More than 1 billion hours of video are watched every day.
Reach or Action (ROAS) optimization, Brand Lift Studies, Ad Sequences, precise audiences
Our advantages:
We are doing cross device campaigns with the help of CM 360.
DV360 Video Network
More than 2 million sites, videos, and apps where your creatives can be shown
Reach or Action (ROAS) optimization, Brand Lift Studies, precise audiences
Our advantages:
We are doing cross device campaigns and are a Google Certified Partner with many years of experience.
Connected TV Ads
Get access to their clearly targeted audience, but within the framework of TV broadcasting
Ads in streaming devices, consoles, Smart TV and set top boxes
Our advantages:
We provide CTV features in combination with other marketing activities through DV 360
TikTok Ads
In less than 4 years, Tik Tok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times. Short videos on TikTok are watched by a ⅓ of all social media users on the planet.
Smart targeting, Insight reports, Video Shopping Ads
Our advantages:
We work with TikTok Creator Marketplace advertising platform, which allows you to find the best influencers and creators for campaign tasks.
& Facebook
(Meta Ads)
Facebook users are 1.5X more likely to watch a video on their phone. Meta Stats
A/B Tests, Brand lift studies, Smart targeting
Our advantages:
Many years of experience in large-scale campaigns, cross-platform solutions, the ability to grow a business.
Reddit Ads
Reddit Ads are reasonable, low-funnel traffic with a highly-engaged audience and good targeting
Brand Awareness and Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversions and App Installs
Our advantages:
We can do post-view analytics for Reddit ads in CM 360.
Relevant audiences,
wide reach and analytics
Achieve your
You can be interested in traffic to the site or applications, increase in sales or other specific business indicators, branding and repositioning of your company. Whatever specific goals you have, Video advertising will help your goals as effectively as possible.
Reach the audience you need, not just on YouTube
You can work with audiences using Google's wide range of targeting options. This is available not only on YouTube and Google services, but also in a wide and proven partner network.
Analyze campaign performance
You can track all the metrics you want to estimate how your campaigns perform and adjust them as needed.
Video ad sequencing
Tell the story of your brand or product with a video sequence. Video storytelling allows you to get to know you better, increase interest or loyalty.
Launch video campaigns with us
Optimization for cross-device conversions
You can set up, run and analyze cross-device video campaigns in real time with us. All this is possible thanks to our own Smalldata solution and allows you to significantly reduce the CPO of campaigns (from 30%).
The optimal strategy
for you
For each industry, goal and budget, we select the optimal strategy to get the best results. We work with different clients
— e-commerce, gaming, fintech, retail.
Our own product - OHM Query - shows ads on YouTube to users who have already searched for it on Google. Query displays personalized video creatives to the audience interested in the product/service, thereby saving money and time.
Personalized ads on YouTube based on search terms
Leaders in e-commerce, finance, retail, FMCG and gaming trust us and grow their business with us
Our Clients