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Search Ads is one of the Google Marketing Platform tools. With it you no longer need to switch between ad accounts if you are running several campaigns on different search engines at once.
Search Ads
Advertise in multiple search engines at the same time
You can manage advertising campaigns in several search engines at once. In first place is, of course, Google, but also in AG, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo! Gemini, Yahoo! Japan, and others.

Data integration with CM360 allows you to evaluate and control the effectiveness of certain advertising formats, whether it be contextual, video, or other media.
Reports on all launched campaigns are also aggregated in one interface, from which a chart of the effectiveness of all campaigns for a specific indicator is displayed.

Smart Bidding helps you to streamline the bidding process, making your campaigns more effective.

We have been operating in this field for more than 8 years and have carried out hundreds of advertising campaigns in search engines

We are able to integrate advertising in search engines into multi-part campaigns on other sites and in different formats

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