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The enigmatic Google Marketing Platform (GMP), formerly known as Doubleclick. The platform was initially created for the largest advertisers, designed to effectively manage display advertising. The essence of the product still remains the same, but its capabilities have expanded significantly and its technologies have improved.

GMP helps major advertisers around the world to effectively manage their advertising (primarily video and display advertising, but search advertising is not left out).

We are certified in working with GMP tools and will be able to find the best solutions for clients.
Google Marketing
It is one of the best tools for analyzing ad trafficevaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, creatives, user behavior, and much more. Here are 3 main tasks that the product can achieve:
It helps to optimize creatives (which banner is best shown to whom), build chains of creatives and efficiently distribute traffic between devices.
It allows to measure both unique reach (across all devices used by specific users) and cross-device conversions. This is very important in the modern world, when a user can see an ad on one device and then purchase on the other.
It allows to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and creatives (post-views and post-clicks), user behavior after viewing ads on websites and apps, and which campaign chains lead to the best results.
You can plan, create, track and analyze in video, display and audio campaigns. Here the networks of Google and all major media companies are brought together.
Reach Your Audience
It is connected not only to Google's advertising inventory, but also to 50+ other sources. This means that by using DV360, you cover approximately 90% of all mobile advertising resources on the Internet with your campaign.
It allows you to effectively manage advertising on YouTube and gives you access to almost all of the video sites in the world, in one place.
It integrates world-leading user-data providers, which allows you to deliver ads to a wide variety of audiences, based on their preferences, purchases, interests, and other data.
This is a tool for advanced automation and optimization of Google Ads search, as well as management of other search engines, in one place: Microsoft Ads, Baidu, Yahoo Japan.
    Your Ads
    It integrates data with CM360 to evaluate the effectiveness of video and display advertising on a search, and builds various attribution and optimization models.

    No need to switch between ad accounts if you are running several campaigns on different search engines at once.

    Reports on all launched campaigns are also aggregated in one interface.
    Allows you to create beautiful, complex, dynamic creatives, personalized formats and dynamic remarketing.

    It is a complementary solution for CM360 and DV360.
    Personalized Creatives
    with Google Studio
    A paid version of the familiar GA. Essential for projects with heavy traffic, it gives access to "raw data", generates a report without sampling, includes a Data-Driven attribution model, and integrates data about user impressions from CM/DV360.
    Make Data Work for You
    with Google Analytics 360
    Save Time
    on Analytics
    with Data Studio
    An online tool for transforming data into customizable, informative reports and dashboards.
    GDS saves marketers time by collecting data from Google Analytics tables and other sources into a single report. With Data Studio you can:
    customize the display and style of elements

    work with both desktop and mobile browsers

    make multi-page reports

    configure filters

    store reports in the cloud

    view the history of changes in reports for different periods.
    An advanced version of Basic Optimize. It allows you to conduct more tests (in greater detail) to increase conversion on the website and landing pages.
    Get Started with Experiments
    with Optimize 360
    A team with extensive experience in mobile marketing and app growth

    Strong ROAS and scale focus

    Own platform for mobile marketing: automation, analytics and reports

    Access to the newest Google Betas

    Google Certified Partner
    Why us?
    Our Cases
    We used a lot of features and new technologies that became public cases with the help of the Google Team
    Digital Sales in 3 years
    We brought the brand to a new market, supervised the company's activities in terms of mobile applications
    Digital Sales in 3 years
    Learned how to work with post-view registrations (30% of the entire advertising campaign)
    New players in 6 months
    Leaders in e-commerce, finance, retail, FMCG and gaming trust us and grow their business with us
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