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DV360 is part of the Google Marketing Platform ecosystem. With this tool, you can plan, create, track and analyze advertising campaigns in video, audio and display formats.
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Large audience
You get access not only to Google's advertising inventory, but also to 50+ third-party sources and exchanges. With DV360, you can reach 90% of all mobile advertising resources on the Internet.

Smart insights in analytics
DV360 provides excellent analytics and reporting tools. In addition, the platform can generate recommendations to help you achieve the results you want faster.

Premium Inventory and YouTube Ad Network
You can work directly with the biggest digital publishers through DV360. This gives you access to the best and fraud-tested inventory and also to the YouTube advertising network.
What are the advantages of DV360?
Advanced features and targeting
You can limit impression frequency and restrain budget. In addition, DV360 has additional targeting options: you can choose browser OS, specific devices, and more. This allows you to have more control over your campaigns.

Control in one place
You can plan, buy and measure all your programmatic media on one platform without worrying about consolidating all your data.
As a Google Certified Partner, we offer our customers all the benefits of working with DV360.

We know how to work with DV360 and will help you setup any campaign, take into account all your wishes and find the best solution for your needs.

We value the transparency of processes, so we will setup all the analytics and help you to understand it.
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