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Scale Your
Mobile App
Build and implement
full-fledged in-app marketing strategies
Data & AI
Google App Campaigns
Getting maximum results due to complex work with creatives, audiences and analytics

Paid Social Ads
Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat

Apple Search Ads
We know how to improve the performance
of your campaigns

In-App Networks
With additional anti-fraud system

In-Store Solutions
Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung
We achieve maximum efficiency through an integrated approach to the selection and testing of creatives
Attract new users in major advertising platforms
Get more from current users
We bring back users and motivate them for purchases and other targeted actions through different advertising systems. We focus not only on the users' socio-demographic profiles, but on their actions. Due to Display & Video 360 you can get, perhaps, the largest coverage in the world.
How do we work with audiences?
    determine core users for more efficient look-alikes and building forecasts

    motivate new clients to make their first purchase

    turn active users into loyal customers
    motivate them to buy more often and grow the user's LTV

    get back on track
    dormant users and increase their activity
    Save your time
    and effort
    We know how to make effective static, interactive and feed-based creatives. We constantly create and test to find the most working options.
    Be more efficient with comprehensive data
    We track, gather, analyze customer behavior and sales funnels, and visualize it in a transparent format. These insights help to create personalized experience and leverage campaign's performance. We also predict future customers and churn rate of a customer base and use this data to optimize and build audiences.
    A team with extensive experience in mobile marketing and app growth

    Strong ROAS and scale focus

    Own platform for mobile marketing: automation, analytics and reports

    Access to the newest Google Betas

    Google Certified Partner
    Why us?
    Our Cases
    We used a lot of features and new technologies that became public cases with the help of the Google Team
    Digital Sales in 3 years
    We brought the brand to a new market, supervised the company's activities in terms of mobile applications
    Digital Sales in 3 years
    Learned how to work with post-view registrations (30% of the entire advertising campaign)
    New players in 6 months
    Leaders in e-commerce, finance, retail, FMCG and gaming trust us and grow their business with us
    Our Clients