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Try Google Ads Automated Reporting with OHM
Google Ads automated reporting
For true professionals who value data depth. Embrace rapid Google tool adaptation and stand as a niche leader.
Seize control with potent rules and insights. Trim expenses, see swift results. Gain instant insights, alerts, expert advice in one click.
What we offer
Our reports deliver valuable insights, not just attractive images to move around
Insights for Professionals
As Google partners, we receive real-time updates on Google Ads, so our reports are constantly optimized
Google Partnership Advantage
Unlike monthly subscriptions, we offer a one-time payment with years of support & updates
Support & Updates
Take a look at samples of our reports
Data visualization
and campaign insights from your Google UAC
App Report
Statistics and insights on all video and YouTube campaigns and creatives
Video Report
All insights from Google PMax on a single
Performance Max
No credit card
30 days trial
No prior payment. The price is for one report.
One time payment
EUR 780
For OHM Agency customers
For OHM Agency Customers
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