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Digital Marketing Analyst
About you. We are looking for an experienced Digital Marketing Analyst to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for working with a portfolio of clients to assist in: defining and implementing measurement strategies that align with client marketing and business objectives; producing meaningful marketing KPI dashboards, and delivering weekly/monthly, cross-channel performance reports with actionable insight. The role will also involve conducting conversion optimization consultancies with the aim of improving efficiency in clients’ digital marketing strategies and involvement in the analytics automation system development.
The successful candidate will not necessarily come from a pure web analytics background, but an excellent, in-depth level of knowledge in digital marketing, along with experience in strategic and analytical management of digital campaigns is essential.
About us. OHM is an innovative performance marketing agency. We help businesses to grow. As an agency, we have more than 8 years of experience delivering successful digital growth strategies for our clients. We primarily focus on digital advertising solutions, technology, and data analytics. We develop online ad services and tools for B2B and B2C.
and Qualities
  • Experience as a mobile app Analyst/Web Analyst.
  • Solid understanding of digital marketing.
  • Experience with statistics collection and data processing systems (Appsflyer, Adjust, Flurry, Google Analytics, BQ), understanding of the integration of these systems with both apps/websites and advertising systems.
  • The ability to analyze and process data: find causes, highlight factors, understand dependencies, build and test hypotheses, and argue conclusions.
  • Analytical mindset, consistency, logic, and reporting skills.
  • Higher or incomplete higher technical education. Knowledge of the basics of probability theory and mathematical statistics is a plus.
  • Desire to learn new things, desire for continuous professional development.
  • Sociability, flexibility in communication, the ability to listen to other people, perceive their opinion, work in a team, and respect the requirements of the client.
  • High level of independence, attention to numbers, attention to details, and initiative.
  • Developing technical specifications for the implementation of analytics systems on websites and apps, and testing the results of implementation. Implementation on ad and analytics platform side.
  • Setting up tracking indicators for iOS & Android mobile apps (DAU, MAU, ARPU, ARPPU, Retention, etc.), sites (ROI), setting up tracking of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Participating in the automation of the reporting. Developing proposals for improving automated systems for collecting and visualizing data.
  • Performing monitoring, auditing, and analyzing ad campaign results to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Developing proposals for improving the performance of campaigns based on the data received.
  • Reporting to the client on a weekly/monthly basis, summing up the results of campaigns, and making recommendations for the subsequent advertising campaigns.
  • Performing ad-hoc reports at the request of traffic managers/clients.
  • Developing custom marketing dashboard concepts for client reporting.
Working hours
The core position hours are Monday through Friday 10AM until 19PM (CET) in order to accommodate our client’s schedules.
Current operating countries: Australia, The Netherlands, Cyprus.
  • At least 3 years of experience in a digital marketing agency or on a client side in analytics positions.
Tell us about yourself
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