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Who are we?
We are a Google Premier Partner, Google Acceleration Partner, Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, and Facebook Supported Agency. Also, we are Twitter, TikTok, Apple, Unity, and Applovin Agency.
We primarily focus on digital advertising solutions, technology, and data analytics. We develop online ad services and tools for B2B and B2C.
OHM is an innovative performance marketing agency. We help businesses to grow. As an agency, we have more than 8 years of experience delivering successful digital growth strategies for our clients.
Work is remote & worldwide. Current operating countries: Australia, The Netherlands, Cyprus.
We work in e-commerce, retail, fintech, gaming, apps, delivery services. The effectiveness of our solutions has been proven by Google and our clients.
We build our own technology solutions for managing and optimizing advertising campaigns in Google Ads, DV360 & CM, and Facebook Ads.
Our Team
We have specialists in the fields of IT, advertising, marketing, and communications. Our expertise allows us to make use of the best global technologies and local practices, and also to adapt these according to our clients' objectives.

And we are looking for people to join the team who will help us grow our expertise, create new experiences and achieve new cool attitudes for our clients.
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